Architecture of Doom

Unique experimental plastic house. Leningrad, USSR. 1961
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Deportation of ethnic groups in the Soviet Union under Stalin

Public Medical Sanitary Institution, “The Republican Clinical Hospital”, N.Testemiţeanu, str 29, Chisinau, (opened in 1977). Architects V.Baklanov, P.Bezrodnii and S.Iahnenko

Chișinău, Moldova
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Think you might like this.


Thanks, I think I have most of these pictures on here, but it’s good to see them in once place.


Gudauri, GEORGIA, 2013 – ¬†Soviet Monument to Russo-Georgian Friendship, north of Gudauri.  © ROB HORNSTRA (via The Sochi Project)

Wandbild von Kosmonauten für Plattenbau in Taschkent
Tallinn Olympic Sailing Centre, for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Picture by hugovk.
Sigulda bobsleigh track, Latvia. Photography by Frédéric Chaubin. View this on the map
Duga-3, outside of Chernobyl, was a Soviet experimental over-the-horizon radar system. It was developed for the Soviet ABM early-warning network. The system operated from 1976 to 1989. Picture by Martin Trolle Mikkelsen. Submitted by nielsblog. View this on the map
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