Architecture of Doom

House at Flamatt, Switzerland, 1960
(Atelier 5)
Brunnadern housing complex, Bern, switzerland, Atelier 5, 1970-72
Halen Siedlung, Bern, Switzerland, Atelier 5, 1955-1962. View this on the map

Low-cost housing in Locarno, Switzerland, 1962-65
Luigi Snozzi with Livio Vacchini

Luigi Snozzi.

Casa Kalman, Brione sopra Minusio, Switzerland, 1975-76. Picture by
Sander Lückers  on Flickr.
Birmensdorf, Switzerland, photographed by Georg Aerni, 2010

Lichtenhan Residence, Carabbia, Switzerland, 1963
(Dolf Schnebli)

THOMAS FLECHTNERColder, 1996-2000

Colder which are 39 x 31” color photographs mostly of nocturnal images of the snow-covered Swiss city of La Chaux de Fonds (the home of architect Le Corbusier and considered the coldest part of Switzerland).

Campi Pessina

Chiesa Madonna di Fatima, San Vittore Monti di Giova, Franco Pessina/Mario Campi, 1988-90
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