Architecture of Doom

Zóna Indusztriála lll by VNP galériák

A dead 10,5000 year old Huon pine tree in Tasmania. Huon Pine is known as ‘the prince of Tasmanian timbers’. The richness of its golden colour and figure make it one of the world’s most desirable furniture and veneering timbers. The wood contains a natural preserving oil with an unmistakable perfume, and its fine and even grain makes the wood exceptionally easy to work with hand tools.
Photo credit: Rachel Sussman


The modern shrine for taking the stairs.
Taking flight - Porto

Ettore Sottsass, Esprit Offices, 1986
INEGI headquarters, Aguascalientes, Mexico. Thanks to quiesquietis for the suggestion. View this on the map
A concrete relief by Harry op de Laak in the staircase of the Eerste Christelijke LTS (Technical School) Patrimonium, Amsterdam, J.B. Ingwersen, 1952-56. A scan from Een schip aan de Wibautstraat by Jaap-Evert Abrahamse, 1998. View this on the map
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