Architecture of Doom

©  Eric Baudelaire.

Abkhazia, from Imagined States, 2004-05
Qaqortoq, Greenland, Joël Tettamanti, 2004
From Wall (South Dakota) by Paul Sebastian Smith

© Livia Corona

Progressive Development, Los Héroes, Puebla, Mexico, 2008

© Livia Corona

Yard to Home Conversion, Ensenada, Mexico, 2011

Waterdam, Marathon, Greece, 1934, Alfred Eisenstaedt. (1898 - 1995)

Chris Mottalini
After you left/ They took it apart

In 2007 Chris Mottalini photographed three homes designed by the controversial Modernist architect Paul Rudolph, just days prior to their demolitions. The resulting project captures a state of Modernism few people have witnessed, revealing the grace of these homes as they stood in defiance of abandonment and “progress”. Mottalini’s photographs are the final portraits of these destroyed homes (which were located in Westport, CT, Watch Hill, RI and Siesta Key, FL).

From Buffer Zone
Mila Teshaieva

Mass grave of 43 unknown Georgian soldiers whose bodies were taken by priests from the Bufer zone. For almost three weeks dead bodies laid in the field near Shyndysi village, nobody was allowed to enter the zone.
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