Architecture of Doom

Kiyoji Otsuji, 1950

Alexander Gardner (American, 1821–1882)
Ruins of the Gallego Flour Mills, Richmond, Virginia, 1865
On April 2, 1865, as General Lee learned that the Union Army prepared to attack the Confederate capital of Richmond, he ordered the army to evacuate the city. As the retreating army attempted to burn anything that might be of use to the invaders, the fire rapidly became an uncontrollable inferno. 
Gardner’s images of Richmond – the charred corpse of a thriving city – became iconic symbols of the devastation of the Civil War.

Dayanita Singh, From the series ‘Blue Book’, 2009
Pays Baltes, Raphaël Bourelly
Soliloquy, Northern England, Al Palmer

©  Eric Baudelaire.

Abkhazia, from Imagined States, 2004-05
Qaqortoq, Greenland, Joël Tettamanti, 2004
From Wall (South Dakota) by Paul Sebastian Smith

© Livia Corona

Progressive Development, Los Héroes, Puebla, Mexico, 2008

© Livia Corona

Yard to Home Conversion, Ensenada, Mexico, 2011

Waterdam, Marathon, Greece, 1934, Alfred Eisenstaedt. (1898 - 1995)
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