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Architecture of Doom

Trevor, talented rugby player and homeless man. Leeds, October 2014.
Vižmarskemu memorial, Ljubljana, Janez Suhadolc, 1969

Kwame Nkrumah Masoleum, Accra. ©2008 Bauzeitgeist.

Monument des Martyrs/Monument to National Heroes, Ouagadougou, c.2003. Photo ©June 2014 Bauzeitgeist, from this post.

A memorial honors members of the Sich Sharpshooters, a Ukrainian unit of the Austrian Army that battled Russian troops at Makivka in April 1915.  Credit Image by Maciek Nabrdalik for The New York Times

The Netherlands Centennial Carillon

The Netherlands Centennial Carillon is a 62-bell carillon located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It was given by the Dutch community of British Columbia in thanks for Canada’s role in the liberation of the Netherlands during World War II. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands unveiled its cornerstone in 1967, Canada’s centennial year.

Gusen Memorial / Langenstein, Austria

Breath of history · Monument Lenin shipyards Gdansk

The Monument to the fallen Shipyard Workers 1970 was unveiled on 16 December 1980 near the entrance to what was then the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk, Poland. It commemorates the 42 or more people killed during the Coastal cities events in December 1970. It was created in the aftermath of the Gdańsk Agreement and is the first monument to the victims of communist oppression to be erected in a communist country.
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