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Architecture of Doom

Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah 

Mass graves at the former Chełmno extermination camp, Poland

Bruno Ganz and Peter Falk in Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire (1987).
A painted crack and message on Glines Canyon Dam foreshadowed its removal over two decades later. Elwha River, Olympic National Park in a scene from DamNation.

Have you ever seen David Cronenberg’s early film Stereo?

It was shot at UT Scarborough.

I haven’t, but UT Scarborough is beautiful so it might be worth a watch. View this on the map

A cavallo della tigre, 1961
thephotopinionist-deactivated20 asked: Have you ever seen "Le mani sulla città (the hands over the city)"? It's a 1963 Italian movie directed by Francesco Rosi. It can be found on Youtube, unfortunately no ENG subs.

I haven’t seen it, but I already see some impressive stills. Edit: I see it’s downloadable with English subs (don’t try this at home).


Der Himmel über Berlin, Wim Wenders, 1987
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