Architecture of Doom
A painted crack and message on Glines Canyon Dam foreshadowed its removal over two decades later. Elwha River, Olympic National Park in a scene from DamNation.

Have you ever seen David Cronenberg’s early film Stereo?

It was shot at UT Scarborough.

I haven’t, but UT Scarborough is beautiful so it might be worth a watch. View this on the map

A cavallo della tigre, 1961
thephotopinionist-deactivated20 asked: Have you ever seen "Le mani sulla città (the hands over the city)"? It's a 1963 Italian movie directed by Francesco Rosi. It can be found on Youtube, unfortunately no ENG subs.

I haven’t seen it, but I already see some impressive stills. Edit: I see it’s downloadable with English subs (don’t try this at home).


Der Himmel über Berlin, Wim Wenders, 1987
Ascension of the Lord church, Warsaw, in Decalogue I, Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1988

5x11: Confessions
Observations: In her review of the episode, HuffPost TV’s Maureen Ryan singled out this shot, writing, “The fact that the concrete blocks in that place look like grave markers is no mistake.” Naturally, we had to ask Slovis if that had indeed been the intention. “On the day, people did mention that,” he acknowledged. “That’s a dam. It’s at the base of an arroyo and it’s used to slow the water from rushing down the mountain when they get these torrential rainstorms during monsoon season in Albuquerque. I chose it not because they look like tombstones but because it was distinctive and you’ll remember it and it was graphic and it was stark. We were also always on the lookout for things that were uniquely Albuquerque. I’ve never seen anything that looks like that anywhere else.” (To Mo’s point, the blocks look exactly like tombstones — and the fact that the resemblance wasn’t necessarily intentional doesn’t mean it isn’t meaningful.)– Five ‘Breaking Bad’ Shooting Secrets Revealed by Michael Slovis
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