Architecture of Doom

post nucleare- pre pomeridiano

Trentino, Italy

Gotland, a holiday island off the south coast of Sweden, is a place I remember full of lush gardens, burnt red cottages with white trim, and blonde families cycling around. 
Clearly I never made it to the north part, where an abandoned military base and rock quarry stand. A Swedish architect firm has now converted one of these bunkers into a house, because somebody had to break the red-on-white look. 
French bunker defaced with Nazi graffiti, 1940.
(WW2DB; submitted by Humanoid History)
Bunker on the island of Vis, Croatia. (submitted by Humanoid History)

Untitled 284

A World War II pillbox in Acle, England, built to blend in with the townscape.
Lindemann Battery between Calais and Cap Blanc Nez, France

Abandoned survival shelter in the Eastern Fiords of Iceland.

hamburg eimsbüttel (j)
Orford Ness. Picture by David Merrett.
During the 1950s the British Ministry of Defence built a nuclear research facility at Orford Ness, a 45 hectare natural pebble spit off the east coast of England. Laboratories with 15 feet thick concrete walls were constructed to vibration test, drop test, cook, spin and assemble nuclear weapons. View this on the map
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