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Architecture of Doom

Blockhaus _ Les Goudes _ Marseille

structure sauvage

Bruno Ganz and Peter Falk in Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire (1987).

post nucleare- pre pomeridiano

Trentino, Italy

Gotland, a holiday island off the south coast of Sweden, is a place I remember full of lush gardens, burnt red cottages with white trim, and blonde families cycling around. 
Clearly I never made it to the north part, where an abandoned military base and rock quarry stand. A Swedish architect firm has now converted one of these bunkers into a house, because somebody had to break the red-on-white look. 
French bunker defaced with Nazi graffiti, 1940.
(WW2DB; submitted by Humanoid History)
Bunker on the island of Vis, Croatia. (submitted by Humanoid History)

Untitled 284

A World War II pillbox in Acle, England, built to blend in with the townscape.
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