Architecture of Doom

“Composition with Lines (Composition in Black and White)”, 1917, Piet Mondrian.
"The ‘320° Licht’ installation of urbanscreen uses the cathedral-like beauty of the Oberhausen’s Gasometer in Germany as the starting point for a fascinating game with shapes and light. Within a radius of 320 degrees graphic patterns grow and change on the 100-metre high inside wall of the Gasometer."

David Hepher - Camberwell nocturne - 1984
'I do not see them as prisons … I cannot escape the irony of what they represent, but to me they can be curiously beautiful. Powerful and menacing, like the north face of the Eiger [a mountain in the Swiss Alps] by day; transformed, a mass of coloured lights against a velvet sky by night.'

Павел Отдельнов. Стоунхендж, из серии «Внутреннее Дегунино», 2013

Pavel Otdelnov

George Shaw (British, b. 1966), End of Terrace, 2014.

Alles ist Kontext / depends on the context

View of Haarlem, Jacob Isaacksz van Ruisdael, c. 1670

Theo van Doesburg, Grundbegriffe der neuen gestaltenden Kunst. Bd. 6, München 1925. via Bauhausbücher covers, № I-XIV (1925-1930)

Sergei Chekhonin - Poster with a personification of Pollution, 1919-20
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