Architecture of Doom

Cascade-complex (1975-1980, 1995-2000) – S.Gurzadyan, A. Mkhitaryan, J. Torosyan, georgia

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Scarred Landscape,n ear Vanadzor, Armenia, Summer 2013. Submitted by George Morley
Sports and concerts complex, Yerevan, Armenia, 1984. View this on the map

Een vervreemdende foto van de Cascade van Jerevan door Maria Kopytova. De Cascade van Jerevan is een gigantische trap in Armenië. Met de bouw van de cascade, ontworpen door architect Jim Torosyan, werd werd in 1971 begonnen en was in 1980 voltooid.(door tikktakk)

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A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD / Exploring housing blocks in Georgia and Armenia.
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Vahram Aghasyan, Ghost City, Armenia, 2005-07

Vahram Aghasyan’s series “Ghost City” documents Gyumri in Armenia, whose population numbers 149,000; the city achieved renown when a terrible earthquake struck it in 1988. To help people who had lost their homes, in 1989, the Soviet Government decided to build a new residential neighbourhood, ten minutes’ drive from the city centre. Construction commenced in 1989, but even after the passing of eighteen years and much money has been invested in the project, it is as yet incomplete and the quarter is utterly deserted. The buildings have been left to the mercies of time and the forces of nature, and will probably disappear at some time or other.
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Stalin Monument - Erivan 1962
In Between, Armenia, Hrair Sarkissian, 2007

Hrair SarkissianUntitled (In Between series) 2007
Courtesy Kalfayan Galleries, Athens – Thessaloniki
Project Space: Ruins in Reverse Tate Modern

Armenia, Yerevan, Sports and concerts complex, 1984

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Armenia, Zvartnots, International Airport, 1961
Architects: M. Khachikyan, A. Tarkhanyan, J. Sheqhlyan, L. Cherkezyan and designers H. Tigranyan, A. Meschyan, and constructor M. Baghdasaryan

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The Tsernakaberd memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, Yerevan, 1967. View this on the map
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