Architecture of Doom

Mercure hotel underbelly. Manchester, Oct 2012.

Circular Car Park, Hemel Hempstead
Double helix car park in the Water Gardens area of Hemel Hempstead, built in the late 1950’s and now demolished.

Image from Our Dacorum.

Bletchley Leisure Centre (1972-6) by Faulkner-Brown Hendy Watkinson and Stonor.
Leisure complex including a swimming pool enclosed in a galvanised steel pyramid and walkways constructed of glass reinforced plastic. The buildings were demolished in 2010 and replaced with a new centre by Holder Mathias Architects.
Image from Culture24.

Moorgreen House 2, Earlstoke Estate, Finsbury, London, Renton Howard Wood Levin Partnership for the GLC, 1972-1976
Photo: Simon Phipps

Brutalist vents. Blackpool, April 2012.

Subliminal cinema. Nottingham, April 2012.

A strange house. Leicester, August 2012.

A World War II pillbox in Acle, England, built to blend in with the townscape.

Prototype House, Milton Keynes (1977) by Pierre Botschi and Derek Walker.
Prototype house constructed of glass reinforced plastic, designed to be manufactured in two halves and joined on site. This model was never introduced for actual use, although Botschi did produce a sports pavilion in the Bletchley neighbourhood. 
Image from aqqindex

The Point, Milton Keynes (1985) by Neil Tibbatts.
Containing the first multiplex cinema to be built in the UK, this entertainment complex opened in 1985 to designs by Neil Tibbats. In 2014 the building was scheduled for redevelopment and demolition.
Image from NEN Gallery.

Concrete chimney. Nottingham, March 2014.

Liverpool Cathedral - Arse end. March, ‘14.

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Urban tundra, Lenton. Nottingham, March 2014.

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