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Architecture of Doom
My new friend, Rozzol Melara, Trieste, Carlo Celli, 1969-82. View this on the map
Brutal cupola, Zürich-Oerlikon
Quarters, Nada Sahib, Chandigarh, India
some sweet round and rectangular concrete balconies in Novosibirsk, Russia
Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary.
This water tower was built in 1960. It is 52 meters high. The small dots on its side are glass windows of approximately 15 cm-s diameter. It pretty much looks like an UFO landing base as it was visioned and drawn in its own age, the sixties.Submitted by Ábel Bagaméry
Housing Society, Andheri(E), Mumbai
House of Culture, Velenje, Slovenia, Oton Gaspari, 1959
Oceanic Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya, Ernst May, 1956-58
Jožef Stefan nuclear reactor, Podgorica (Ljubljana), Jugovec Oton, 1961-65
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