Architecture of Doom
Arena do Morro, Natal, Herzog & De Meuron, 2011-14. Photography by Leonardo Finotti
Grass Cave House, Kanagawa, Japan, Makiko Tsukada

発電所とスキー場を一緒にするプランをBIGのビャルケ・インゲルスが説明している動画 (dezeen)
BIG’s combined power plant and ski slope is “turning science fiction into fact” (dezeen)

Beniamino Servino - Shadow tower (addition to a carpenter’s house), San Marco Evangelista 2011 (click for big to see the tiling details). 
Veronica beach house, Pucusana District, Peru, Longhi Architects, 2013

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The Glacier Skywalk is a 1475-foot long (450-metre) interpretive walk carved and folded into the mountainous landscape of Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies.
Wil, Switzerland, Michael Meier Marius Hug Architekten, 2011

Outtake from Close, but not really. Almere, The Netherlands, 2010.

This floating writer’s studio hangs from a canopy amidst the Swiss Alps. Read more.   
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