Architecture of Doom

That’s a weird kind of tetris
scavengedluxury asked: Have you seen Gomorra - La serie yet? Lots of shots of Le Vele Scampia.

I didn’t even know there was a series. I started watching the movie once, but for some reason I didn’t finish it. I should give the series a chance, because that building is amazing.


This vintage postcard was made in 1981 and features the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance building in Moscow. It is a great example of Soviet architecture and is nicknamed “Kniga”, or “Book”, by locals because it is in fact in the shape of a book. The Council of Mutual Economic Assistance was a trade organization consisting of a bloc of Eastern European communist nations; its goal was to encourage trade between members and to encourage the economic development of each nation’s economy.
Dayabumi Complex, Kuala Lumpur, UDA, 1982-84

Mid-mod tiles at Fusciardi’s ice cream. Eastbourne, August 2014.
kaufwahn asked: Have you read that article on BBC about the comeback of brutalism?

I have now. Let’s hope it’s a sign of a growing appreciation of brutalism (read: less demolished buildings).

House of Culture, Velenje, Slovenia, Oton Gaspari, 1959
Oceanic Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya, Ernst May, 1956-58
Vižmarskemu memorial, Ljubljana, Janez Suhadolc, 1969

jamesjunghanns said: The drainage ducts on the edge of the roof are different. Are you sure these are the same buildings?


I had the impression that there were several of this type built, which would explain the different details.

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