Architecture of Doom
Abandoned building, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Sobieszewo - 2014

Pomorskie - 2014

© Ettore Moni

Gleno dam, Italy

Hotel National (Интурист) 4 Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt Bd., Chisinau, Moldova, 1978Arhitect O.GorbuntovAt present, the hotel is deserted and it is in an advanced state of decay. The new owner has been delaying the rehabilitation of the building for seven years, without fulfilling its contractual obligations, even starting preparatory works to anticipate demolition.

Post office (1972) in Augsburg, Germany, by Hans Strobel

Headquarters of Nestlé (1959-60) in Vevey, Switzerland, by Jean Tschumi
International House (student housing), Philadelphia, Bower & Fradley, 1968-70. View this on the map

L. Charles Scipione, Hahnemann Medical College, Student Housing Facility, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Masiello & Associates Architects, Worcester Housing Authority, Worcester, Massachusetts 
joshg1973 asked: You tagged the Belgian underbite house postmodern. I thought of it as red brick brutalism (small b). It has the massing, here simple protruding shapes, I equate with Brutalism, and it reminds of my old college's 1970s library extension. Built into a slope it had skylight stacks lighting different levels like this house.

That’s an interesting point. What college was that?

There is indeed brick brutalism that looks like this, but I wouldn’t label this building as such. Still, it can be a thin line between brutalism and postmodernism.

Either way, the way I use the postmodernism tag is, admittedly, very unscientific (it doesn’t help that I hate pomo). Anyting from late-modern until recent, where the architect gets too creative with all kinds of influences easily gets the postmondernism tag in my world.


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