Architecture of Doom
La Tourette monastery, Le Corbusier, 1957-60. View this on the map

Motherhouse for Franciscan Nuns, Baldegg, Switzerland, 1973
(Marcel Breuer and Associates)

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Wassell Randolph Student Alumni Center, University of Memphis, 1960s
(Gassner/Nathan/Browne Architects)

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hospital geral de santo antónio, porto
 © le zeitgeist

Macquarie University Library, New South Wales, Australia, 19??Architect ???????
 if any one has any more info on this project, the old library, not the new library, please pass it along, Thanks

I think it was the NSW Government Architect (source) which would’ve been Ted Farmer at the time. View this on the map

new york city university’s bronx campus, marcel breuer, 1961

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parting tall grasses (by Karl Hurst .)

Setenil de las Bodegas in Spain, where around 3,000 inhabitants are living quite literally, under a rock. The natural caves of Setenil turned out to be ideal living quarters because rather than needing to build entire houses to keep out the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter, all they needed to build was a facade. It is believed people have been living here since pre-historic times.

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Khāné-ye Borūjerdīhā (Borujerdis’ House) | Kashan, Iran.
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