Architecture of Doom

Waiting room at the deserted Lefkosia International Airport, UN Buffer Zone, Nicosia
Heinrich Völkel
Interior of the hall of the Põdrangu State farm Administrative and Culture Centre, sgrafitos Eva Jänes, 1977 – 82

Gera, Deutschland

I.M.U.A.B.Central Building, district 3, Bucharest

@fagopyrvm said: Bratislava Leipzig Halle / what did you see and notice? i’ve only been to these places but i’d like to also go to the other ones >: )


I’ve only been in Halle for an afternoon and it was raining all the time, but I did step into the current situation of this classic picture:image

(I’ll go through my pictures later, I just returned)

In both Bratislava and Leipzig (but mostly Bratislava) I noticed the (disturbingly) colourful patterns painted on the housing blocks:


nk43 said: favourite buildings in munich? i’m usually sick of the city when i go back (it’s too clean), but i’d be interested in your favourite picks?


I couldn’t name a specific one, but definitely the 1970s housing blocks in the Olympic Village. I thought that area was beautiful.

Anonymous asked: where did you go on vacation?

Munich/Zagreb/Belgrade/Bratislava/Leipzig (and Halle)

kapujanincs said: You can easily migrate your tumblr to wordpress with all the hi-res photos, embedded links, etc.


That’s an interesting option. I’ll give it a try.

Edit: i seem to be stuck at 5639  posts. Might have something to do with the data limit.

westsidesafari asked: I would have to say, your blog is probably one of the best I have seen on Tumblr. It is incredibly honed and crafted. I love that your sense of 'doom' permeates through all your posts. I have one question to ask. Have you any greater ideas for the blog as an archive? Have you backed up the blog in any way and do you think this page will be safe for years to come?

Thank you, that’s a very kind thing to say. A good question as well. It started out as an archive of sorts for myself and a while ago I did make a backup via some site, but it’s far from perfect (obviously without the functionality of ablog and with low-res pictures). So if anyoneknows the perfect solution…
It’s reallyup to the whims of tumblr (or yahoo), so I couldn’t tell how safe it is for the years to come.


Room #804 with a car park view… #aroomwithaview #ahotelroomwithaview #andrewhetheringtonphotography#andrewhetheringtonroomwithaview #onassignment

The emptiness of downtown Dallas on Saturday morning.

Brutalist Graffiti, Smithfield, London.
© 2014 Alex James Bruce
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