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The world’s longest metro bridge in Novosibirsk, 2145 meters.

Spencer Wilton - Mumbai Blocks

Mid-Century Concrete Detail- Moorgate, London.
© 2014 Alex James Bruce
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architct asked: Thoughts on Seattle's Freeway Park?

I think it’s great.

I’ve never been there, so I couldn’t tell how it functions as a public space, and I can imagine it can be pretty bleak during/after rain (which is often over there, I think), but it looks damn fine. I wouldn’t mind having a park like that over here.

mtopfstedt asked: How did the gaping holes in Leipzig-Grünau's structure or texture (I'm struggling to translate "Bebauung" into English) strike you? I grew up there, and when I see it now, it's somewhat disorienting. It's visible in Halle-Neustadt as well, but it's less familiar territory for me.

Do you mean holes as a result of demolition or how it’s built? Either way, it doesn’t bother me because I’m used to those parts of cities having such a spacious urban fabric, with buildings scattered around. In a way it’s easier to find your way around, with all the long, straight roads etc.

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berlin, prenzlauer berg, december 2013
Moorish-style water tower at Hickam Field, Hawaii, circa 1941.
(Ibibliio; submitted by Humanoid History)

Polo Blocks, Bogota, Colombia, 1962
(Rogelio Salmona)

Park Here -  Denver
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