Architecture of Doom

Distillery. by Uma Doucette.

Appleton Rum Estate, Jamaica

The architecture in Southampton is disgusting

Apparently, in the parlance of the youth of today, disgusting means beautiful. Wyndham Court, Lyons Israel Ellis, 1966. View this on the map

Berkeley Library, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 1961-67
(Ahrends, Burton & Koralek)

Павел Отдельнов. Стоунхендж, из серии «Внутреннее Дегунино», 2013

Pavel Otdelnov

Church St Fidelis (1966-68) in Darmstadt, Germany, by Baumgart + Römer

A mare and her foal walk through the rubble of destroyed buildings in the northern district of Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip, during a humanitarian truce on July 26, 2014. The bodies of at least 35 Palestinians were recovered from rubble across Gaza during the truce.
Photo credit: Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images

Concrete porn. Paris 15. #city #architecture #concrete #urban #streetphotography

Appartment building, Roger Anger, Mario Heymann, Pierre Puccinelli, 1959-62

erik and tore ahlsén - pub department store, stockholm, sweden, 1956
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