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Architecture of Doom
Nove Fužine, Ljubljana

Cinema “Thalia” (1953-55) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, by Jan Hendriks, Willem van der Sluys & Lex van den Bosch

Epinal, église Notre-Dame.

Horder House, Hampshire (1960) by Ted Cullinan.
Wooden house on a precast platform built by Ted Cullinan for his uncle Mervyn Horder. Situated on a sloped site, the building is designed to use solar energy to heat it.

Image from Cullinan Studios.
Plattenbau in the mist, Ljubljana
A bit of Stalinism (although that might be a misnomer in former Yugoslavia) and a bit of postmodernism, Nova Gorica

Preposterously glam apartments in Mestre. Is that a staircase or a water slide? September 2014.

John J. Barton Apartments, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1968
(Evans Woollen)
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